5 Reasons Australians are Turning Their Backs on Beanbags

Beanbags have been a part of the furniture (literally) for decades in homes around the world – the beloved alternative to seating while watching TV and lounging around. Us Aussie’s are famous all over the world for their laid back approach and enjoying the good life.

We’ve all had the experience of sitting back in a bean bag but for so many reasons, they invariably end up out on our nature strip 6 months later waiting for a new home to go to – or even worse – landfill!

Today, we explore the top 5 reasons our customers have for never wanting to buy or sit in another beanbag ever again – and what they are doing instead for their alternative furniture needs.

Airsack Lounge


One of the key reasons our customers have for never buying another bean bag is the lack of comfort. Sure, they look so comfy – but it can take a few minutes to find your ideal spot to sit among the noisy beans before jumping into your favourite movie or video game. Once you do find your spot – after about 20 minutes you start to experience back pain and you’re then constantly resettling to find another way to sit!

The reason for this is that when you sit, beans disperse rather than mould to your body. The number one reason our customers choose an Airsack over a beanbag is COMFORT! The first reaction is pure shock and surprise when they sit in an Airsack – it is an incredible feeling of pure bliss and comfort as our premium shredded Dunlop Foam filling moulds to the shape of your body. There is simply nothing like it.


Airsack +1


Almost everyone who has had a bean bag agrees that this is the most annoying and frustrating feature of the bean bag.

Firstly, you buy your bean bag – which does not even come with beans included in the price (imagine buying a couch but being told by the salesman that you also needed to purchase the foam cushions to sit on separately!).

Secondly, you have to fill the beanbag yourself – and beans spilling out everywhere all over your carpet – which can be extremely dangerous for children and pets who will try to eat anything in sight.

And finally, in just a few months you will notice the cheap polystyrene beans going flat and you have to spend more money and time on refilling them again. We cannot think of a more frustrating and inconvenient furniture item!

The beautiful thing about Airsack is the convenience – we fill your inner sack lining with thousands of pieces of premium shredded Australian Dunlop foam – then we vacuum pack it into a small duffel bag ready for dispatch. Absolutely no filling or effort required on your part! Just open, fluff it up, let the foam expand, put your cover on and ENJOY!

Airsacks are also under a 10-year warranty – so you don’t need to worry about them going flat and needing constant refilling! 


Airsack Range


We’ve all seen those internet memes of kids, dogs and cats sitting in a pool of polystyrene beans after another unfortunate bean bag accident. Let’s face it – kids and pets LOVE bean bags – but they will test them to their limits by jumping all over them and it is not long before they burst at the seams all over the floor – leaving you to clean them up (again!).

It’s true what people say – you get what you pay for. Sure, a $50 bean bag is not a big investment, but it cannot be expected to withstand even a little bit of punishment. As one customer said to us once “If you buy a beanbag; you’re buying a headache!”

When Airsack started out researching materials and suppliers, we did this with durability in mind. Durability is a huge consideration for our customers and that is why we have chosen Dunlop Foams as our premium foam supplier – Dunlop have been pioneers in foam innovation for 70+ years. Our inner linings and outer covers are all tested under strict stress tests – they are all double stitched and are almost impossible to tear, burst or pop.


Airsack Solo


Scrunch. Scrunch. Scrunch.

You’re watching your favourite movie with friends and all you can hear is the scrunching noises of a bean bag anytime someone moves an inch! Again, we have listened to the public. Our foam, no matter how much you move around, will not make a sound! So you can just sit back, get comfy and relax in peace on the most comfortable foam filled bean bag alternative on the market.  


Airsack Original


Here’s a hint: Don’t do it!

Most bean bags are not washable – you cannot take the covers off because the beans will spill everywhere. More mess – more hassle – more frustration.

Airsack has the perfect solution. Let’s face it – keeping your furniture clean is not always easy with kids and pets. Our Airsack contain an inner lining – so when you remove your cover – no foam spills and you just throw it in the laundry on a cold, delicate wash and leave to air dry. Simply slip it back on when it’s dry and resume your ultimate chill out experience! We also recommend applying scotch guard if you are worried about stubborn stains – you can pick these up at most supermarkets and Bunnings Outlets.