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Get comfy. Introducing airsack. The most breathtaking comfort in foam-filled alternative furniture. We are a young 100% Aussie owned and operated business, based in Melbourne. Airsacks may look like bean bags - but you'll quickly feel the difference the moment you jump into one. Some say it's like floating on air. It's impossible not to smile - you'll always remember your first experience in an airsack. We've taken the 'beans' out of the bean bag. 

We've listened to your bean bag horror stories - and we agree that chilling out should be easy - life is way too short to waste time with bean bags and stressing about:

  • chilling out but not actually being comfortable!
  • buying bean bags only to find that you then have to go and buy the beans yourself!
  • wasting time filling the bean bags yourself & cleaning up afterwards
  • noisy scrunching sounds from the beans everytime you move to get comfy
  • kids jumping and bursting the beans all over your living room
  • and then having to refill your bean bag all over again after they go flat in 6 months time (spending more money)!

Change how you chill, forever, with Airsack. Easy to buy - easy to try and easy to return (we will come and get it!).

Get around it Australia - stop wasting your time and money on cheap and uncomfortable furniture - you deserve the best. Change how you chill, forever, with Airsack.