Airsack - The Most Comfortable Seat on the Planet?

Airsack - The Most Comfortable Seat on the Planet?

At Airsack, we are a humble bunch of young Aussies who are on a mission to disrupt not just one industry, but TWO: the traditional beanbag market but also the traditional lounge furniture market.

This is why we call the Airsack "alternative furniture" - as the majority of our customers have decided to go with an Airsack as an alternative to something else they were looking for. In fact, in a recent customer survey we conducted, 72% of respondents states that their Airsack proudly sits with their other furniture in their living room.

It may sound arrogant of us to declare we have the most comfortable furniture on the planet, but when you have already sold thousands of units to an adoring community of fans, we must be doing something right. Don't just take our word for us, we have heaps of reviews here from verified customers.

In the meantime, here is a little more about why we are trying to disrupt TWO industries:


It is astonishing to us how much we hear from our customers about how much they cannot stand bean bags. People genuinely have a love/hate relationship with them! They love their style and colourful attributes, but think about it - is there a more annoying and high-maintenance furniture product out there? Bean bags may look great, but think about all the headaches that come with buying a bean bag:

Misleading Prices

Want to buy a bean bag? Well, then you will also have to buy the beans completely separately! We have never understood this - why do so many bean bag companies NOT provide the beans as part of the package? A bean bag is completely useless without beans. So the price will never reflect what you truly end up spending. And then you will need to spend even more refilling them again when they go flat after just 6 months of use! Unbelievable!

The Beans.

Oh the beans!! The horrible, tiny, polystyrene balls that end up spilling everywhere when you are battling to fill your bean bag. You will keep finding them under the couch for months after! At Airsack you will never have to fill or refill. We do the filling for you (Filled with premium, Aussie made Dunlop Foams, recycled and rescued before it ends up in landfill) and your Airsack is delivered vacuum packed, fully assembled. It's ridiculous easy and painless!


Bean bags are probably the least durable piece of furniture on the planet. Our customers have reported to have to replace their old bean bags on average every 6 months either through refilling or them bursting under the slightest of pressure. Thankfully we at Airsack have a 10 year warranty - there is nothing as resilient on the market!


Bean bags are horrifically uncomfortable - and that is why they are so noisy as you try and adjust yourself to try and get in the right spot! Airsack has been designed with comfort as the absolute priority. It is our overriding and overarching promise to you that you will have the most comfortable lounging experience no matter what you are doing in an Airsack. The premium Dunlop Foam effortlessly moulds to your body. It's like that hug you got from your grandma every Sunday all those years ago. Just blissful.


    Recliners? Rigidly-shaped couches? Overpriced armchairs? Needing half a dozen cushions to get comfy? We've ALL been there. We have been baffled for years with the lounge furniture market. We have been their victims too. Spending thousands of dollars on furniture that is not even that comfortable. Sometimes it doesn't even matter how much you spend - you still cannot get comfortable! Shouldn't this be the number one factor? 

    We think comfort should be the #1 factor in furniture as well as it looking nice! And that is why comfort is our primary mission. As a society, our downtime from our busy lives is invaluable, so you may as well get comfy while you are chilling out! Below is a list of common traditional lounge furniture items that Airsack customers are replacing in name of the mission to get comfortable again:

    Recliners for TV rooms.

    OH MY LORD. How expensive are those leather recliners?! Is it criminal! One of our favourite things to do at Airsack during our downtime with family is to get comfy by sinking into our Airsack to watch our favourite movie and putting our feet up on our foot rests - the perfect companion for your Airsack. There you have it, that reclining effect without the insane price tag (and it's actually comfortable!)
    Rumpus room seating for the kids. Good luck with this one! Just watch the little rascals jump all over those bean bags and chairs that you just spent a fortune on. Just try and stop them! Kids will be kids, so do your wallet and blood-pressure a favour. Airsack is loved by kids and parents, not only for the comfort but durability - knowing that Airsack can take the toughest of punishment with no risk of splitting and bursting.

    Gaming furniture.

    Let's face it - those who game - do it for hours! So you may as well make sure they are comfy doing it.

    Lounge Room furniture

    Airsack's stylish colour ranges will have something to suit any décor. We constantly get feedback from our customers telling us that the Airsack is the most loved piece of furniture in the living room and the fights it causes with the kids! And when you consider the thousands of dollars Aussie's spend on couches and armchairs and then to be told my the salesmen after the sale that the wait time is 12 weeks - it is no wonder that people are looking to Airsack for a different solution.

    Outdoor furniture.

    In the last 12 months since we launched our outdoor fabric, we have sold out twice over and we still struggle to keep up with orders. Our outdoor fabric is of the highest quality to withstand the tough Aussie weather conditions - both waterproof and UV proof. 

      It's time to join the movement people. Australian's deserve better comfort for their downtime and we are here to meet the challenge.

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