Airsack - Office Furniture for Creative Spaces

A creative workspace can be much more than simply decorating your desk with some family photos or some emoji squishy. We spend a large portion of our lives working, in fact, a normal person spends over 90,000 hours of their life at work. That is a whopping amount of hours so why not be comfortable, happy and inspired. A nice, creative and comfortable working environment does not just promote physical, emotional, and professional benefits but also people that enjoy their work and people that enjoy work produce better work. 

As ATO have been kind enough to offer small business owners an instant asset write-off for office furniture up to $20k and a creative space with Airsacks are just that, this is a one time opportunity to get some super comfortable furniture for the office. 

Here's how it works.

  1. Place your Airsack order online or email us your purchase order to hithere@airsack.com.au (we'll send you a tax receipt)
  2. We are offering $100 off EACH Airsack you order - using the code EOFY18 (we recommend the Airsack for Kidz or the Airsack Solo)
  3. Have your Airsack delivered for FREE nationally (excludes NT)
  4. Orders are eligible for the instant asset write-off for business purposes for SMEs with annual revenue under $10 million.
  5. File your purchases when completing your tax return to claim back the entire cost against your tax return
  6. Enjoy - you've just instantly improved your work environment with Australia's most comfortable alternative furniture.

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