FAQs: Ask Bruce (our Unicorn)

Why is there a Unicorn trying to sell me an Airsack?

OK! He has a name - his name is Bruce. 

Bruce was once an impossibility. Bruce once didn't exist. Which is exactly why we chose him to represent our Airsacks, which are impossibly comfortable. Much like Unicorns, Airsacks are incredibly dreamy.

Still confused? Ok, ignore the Unicorn and move onto the next question!

What is inside the Airsack?

Is it beans? Is it Air? Is it Unicorns? 


It certainly feels good enough to be air, but it’s not :-) We call it the Airsack because it feels as if you are floating on air. The magic ingredient is premium shredded Dunlop polyurethane foam - made in Melbourne! The foam is simply the best on the market - Dunlop have been at the forefront of foam innovation, quality and eco-friendly foam manufacturing for decades.

We love the concept of a bean bag, but they are noisy, tacky and need constant refilling. And, in our humble opinion - bean bags are not even that comfortable! So, we spent a lot of time and energy testing different densities and types of foam, and finally the Airsack was born. We know you’ll agree with everyone else who has enjoyed Airsack - it makes every chill out experience better! 

Where can I try an Airsack for myself?

This is the best part - you can try an Airsack in your own home as part of our legendary 14 day in home trial!

We believe the furniture industry is broken. You spend thousands of hours (and thousands of dollars) on lounge furniture. The furniture industry expects you to get a sense of how good their furniture is by sitting in it for 5 minutes in a huge showroom that looks nothing like your home, and listening to an over-hyped salesman push you over the line. Then, you have to wait 14 weeks for it to arrive (that's insane) - only to discover it's not actually that comfy, the colour doesn't match your décor - or you cannot make it fit! Want a refund? Not a chance!!

We believe in a better way:

  1. Choose your Airsack and order online in minutes, in your trackies or PJs, at home. (Or when your boss isn't looking over your shoulder at work.)
  2. We delivery for FREE (anywhere in Australia) - same-day dispatch from our Melbourne HQ.
  3. You unpack and setup in minutes.
  4. You decide whether it's the best thing since....unicorns. (it is)
  5. If you don't like it, love it, think it's unsuitable - that's fine. Call us, tweet us, message us, email us - send a unicorn to tell us - just get in touch within 14 days of delivery and we will send a courier to come and collect it (FREE in metro areas) and give you a full refund. Zero worries. Zero risk. Literally, zero.

Why this way? Very simple. Doesn't it make sense to test in your own home under no pressure from pushy sales people? This way you know it will be truly suitable. At Airsack - we know, and our customers know, that you will love it - but we want you to be confident that you will love it too. 

We keep costs down by operating online - so we can pass on awesome things to you, like promotions and free delivery. Much better than having to increase our prices because we have to pay for expensive showrooms and sleazy salesmen, right?

Does Airsack come with foam as part of my purchase?

Yes, absolutely. We still struggle to believe that bean bag companies are selling bean bags without the beans and misleading customers with their pricing. What you see is what you get with Airsack. 

What if the Airsack is unsuitable for any reason? Can I return it?

100% YES! As mentioned above, our 14 days returns policy is bullet proof - just like the Airsack (ok, not quite!). You will have 14 days from date of delivery to contact us with regards to exchanging or returning your Airsack for a full refund. And if you are in metro areas, we will even send a courier to come and collect it from your home, for free! No catches, no re-stocking fees and no worries. It's our no-brainer returns policy - designed with the customer in mind - so that if you are thinking about getting an Airsack, now you really have nothing to think about!

Will Airsack fit in my home / office?

An obvious, but excellent question. View our product pages for approximate dimensions of a fully grown Airsack - we all want to have one but please make sure you can make some room for your Airsack. (Hint: sell your couch on eBay or Gumtree to make some extra space for your Airsack - and make some money at the same time! Genius!)  

Do you have an outdoor range?

YES! We have received a tonne of feedback and requests for outdoor Airsack covers, and who can blame you given this beautiful country we live in? We’ve waited longer than we would have liked but sourcing high quality materials takes time. Our covers are water and UV resistant - perfect for our extreme Aussie conditions! Just choose the outdoor fabric on the product page and you're away!

Can you wash the covers?

Yes! All of our Airsack covers are machine washable. Simply unzip them from your Airsack (don’t worry - we have a second Airsack lining that holds all the dreamy foam inside to protect it from spilling out everywhere!) and follow the machine washable instructions. When dry, just throw it back on your Airsack and you’re good to go! 

Will the foam burst or spill out?

No! That’s right - no more bean bag spills. Bean bags are great, but are notoriously poor quality and prone to bursting when kids jump on them. We take pride in telling people to jump on our Airsacks. It’s fun and totally safe. They come with an inner lining that holds the foam together inside. This lining has a childproof zip to protect curious young ones (it doesn’t taste too good, trust us!). The zip allows you to add/remove foam if you want to make it firmer or softer (highly unlikely - it’s already pretty comfy people!). Plus, because our foam is less dense than bean bag beans, it’s far less likely to pop. All our inner covers and colourful outer covers are double stitched, so you can look forward to years of fun chilling in your own Airsack!

Will the foam go flat?

No! Unlike bean bags - Airsack does not go flat! Our Dunlop foam has been carefully chosen to last the test of time - it will never go flat. To maintain the highest levels of comfort and performance, we strongly recommend that you keep it fresh by regularly tossing, flipping, kicking and punching (yes, really!) your Airsack back into shape. Not doing this will of course lead to the foam flattening over time, but it will always bounce back when you reset it. And trust us, from experience, it’s always more comfy when you sit back in a fresh Airsack than a slightly flattened one! 

Are other colours available other than what is on your site?

We are working on it - please watch this space, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates, or register your email for our newsletters. We love getting your feedback, and this is right at the top of our (very long) to-do list :-)

How do you deliver?

Don’t worry - we know we could never fit a full Airsack through your letterbox! We’ve worked hard on this one, and we’ve come up with the perfect solution. When you purchase an Airsack, we send them out by courier, vacuum packed in our stylish black duffel bags. They shrink to a fraction of their original size, and come with your chosen coloured cover flat packed on top of your package. 

OK, so my Airsack has arrived, what now?

Here comes the fun part!

  1. You can unpack your cover (easy-peasy!) and set that aside for now.
  2. Unzip your black Airsack duffel bag
  3. Remove the plastic bag containing the inner Airsack lining which contains all of your dreamy shredded foam inserts.
  4. Walk it to it’s new home (in front of the TV, in the kids room, in the corner or wherever you please!) as it will be best to put it there now rather than later
  5. Begin the process of massaging and breaking up the foam inside. No need to open the zip - you can do this through the lining.
  6. Continue this process - also feel free to kick and punch to continue to separate the foam. This is quite a bit of fun actually, so call the kids in for extra resources and laughs!
  7. This whole process should only take 5-10 minutes until you’re satisfied the foam is mostly separated.
  8. And…….WAIT!!!! Do not jump into the Airsack just yet - as tempting as it will be! Give the Airsack a break for 24 hours to breathe and expand fully. We recommend that you wash your colourful Airsack outer cover so that it’s good to go when your Airsack is ready and fully grown. Your Airsack cover has been in a plastic bag for a few weeks so best to clean it now!
  9. Grab your Airsack outer cover, and zip on to the Airsack. Easy!
  10. Finally - the wait is over, and as soon as you jump in for the first time, you will agree it was definitely worth the wait. Sit back, relax and change how you chill, forever. Enjoy, Airsackers! 

How do I maintain my Airsack?

Airsack is super durable and super high quality - but like anything else you buy - you gotta treat it with love! Be sure to be fluffing your Airsack up on a regular basis to ensure it stays nice and airy. Watch Sanyana below give you some great tips!

Do you delivery to regional areas?

Yes! We delivery everywhere in Australia. Orders are dispatched super quick from our Melbourne warehouse, and standard delivery is free all around the country.

Any other questions? Get in touch at hithere@airsack.com.au and we will come back to you just as soon as can be.