Can I wash the cover?

Yes! We highly recommend either hand washing or machine washing in cold water on a gentle cycle then hang drying.


Do they come filled?

No. Filling is not included. You can purchase bean bag filling from any Kmart or Big W or alternatively, if you want to fill with foam you can purchase directly from Dunlop Foam.

How do I unzip my Airsack Bean Bag?

You may notice your Airsack Cover has a slider, but no pull tab on its zipper. We fit our covers with child resistant zippers to prevent small children from climbing inside, when the Airsack cover is filled.

To unzip, simply attach a paperclip, key-ring or other thin object to the slider where the pull tab would normally be. Ensure that the paperclip is inserted below the "lever" of the slider so that it is able to be pulled.

Can I use my Airsack Cover outdoors?

We have outdoor covers available. The outdoor covers are both UV resistant and water resistant, making them perfect for all seasons!

Do they come with Inner Liners?

Yes! Covers come with a strong inner liner so you can insert the choice of filling that you purchase separately, which allows you to remove the external cover with ease for wash. 

What material is the indoor covers?

The indoor material is a strong microsuede. Microsuede is a synthetic material designed to feel like real suede, however it exceeds it in durability. It covers the Insert tightly which allows the air to be trapped within the item upon compression. This will allow the sitter to sink deep into the item and the foam to billow out and surround them.