Our Story

 Airsack Foam Filled Alternative Furniture

What is Airsack all about?

COMFORT. First and always first - your comfort.

An upgrade to bean bags has been needed for a very long time – with families hugely frustrated with constant need for refilling and bean spills for decades. But our true vision is actually not just to disrupt the bean bag market, but the traditional lounge furniture market. This is where we see a huge disconnect between price and comfort. Customers spend thousands of dollars on couches, armchairs and other furniture - but what we have noticed, somewhat inexplicably, is that comfort does not necessarily increase with price.

You can spend $5,000 on a couch and still not be comfortable. Sure, the materials and design will improve, but comfort is often the last thing that furniture designers think about.

We believe that is wrong. If you are going to spend ANY money on lounge furniture for the purpose of sitting down and chilling out - you should comfortable, right?! So this is our purpose - to bring affordable comfort so incredible, that it takes your to Your Happy Place, whatever you are doing.


How it all started.

Airsack began trading in January 2016 in Melbourne – but the seeds had been sown almost 10 years previously.

Our founder, Dan, had discovered a similar concept overseas in Europe and like many of our customers – Dan had the same reaction when he first sat down – “what is in this – it’s incredible!” While Dan was sitting down in this amazing foam filled alternative furniture – his mind was racing between two places: What is making this so unbelievably comfortable – and why does everyone not know about these?! It was a moment he would not be able to forget. 

After forging a career in marketing for 10+ years, Airsack was the itch that Dan could never scratch. A tragic death of a close friend in 2015 spurred him on to start a new business selling something he was incredibly passionate about.

Since starting Airsack, we have had an incredible response from our customers and everyone who has tried an Airsack. It has been the biggest challenge of Dan’s career – completely unfamiliar with the complexities of retail – with lots of mistakes made, things broken, blood, sweat and tears but it has all been worth it to hear the amazing feedback from our customers. And this is what spurs us on even further.

Our vision is to deliver unrivalled comfort to every family – your time chilling out is your most valuable time – and Airsack takes that experience to the next level – whether you’re at home watching TV or gaming or in a breakout meeting room at work.

We are proud to be partnered with Dunlop Foams at home here in Melbourne to supply us with the best crumbed foam on the market. Dunlop have been at the edge of foam innovation for 70+ years and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

After almost 2 years driving sales and awareness of Airsack through “Airsack Experience Kiosks” – we decided to take the business back online to ensure we keep our prices fair. Which is why we have recently introduced FREE shipping Australia wide – our way of passing on the savings of moving online to you, our customers.

So if you’re ready to upgrade your chill out experience, you’re right at home here.