Welcome to your Happy Place

OK, so my Airsack has arrived, what now?

Here comes the fun part!

  1. You can unpack your cover (easy-peasy!) and set that aside for now.
  2. Unzip your black Airsack duffel bag
  3. Remove the plastic bag containing the inner Airsack lining which contains all of your dreamy shredded foam inserts.
  4. Walk it to it’s new home (in front of the TV, in the kids room, in the corner or wherever you please!) as it will be best to put it there now rather than later
  5. Begin the process of massaging and breaking up the foam inside. No need to open the zip - you can do this through the lining.
  6. Continue this process - also feel free to kick and punch to continue to separate the foam. This is quite a bit of fun actually, so call the kids in for extra resources and laughs!
  7. This whole process should only take 5-10 minutes until you’re satisfied the foam is mostly separated.
  8. And…….WAIT!!!! Do not jump into the Airsack just yet - as tempting as it will be! Give the Airsack a break for 24 hours to breathe and expand fully. We recommend that you wash your colourful Airsack outer cover so that it’s good to go when your Airsack is ready and fully grown. Your Airsack cover has been in a plastic bag for a few weeks so best to clean it now!
  9. Grab your Airsack outer cover, and zip on to the Airsack. Easy!
  10. Finally - the wait is over, and as soon as you jump in for the first time, you will agree it was definitely worth the wait. Sit back, relax and change how you chill, forever. Enjoy, Airsackers! 

How do I maintain my Airsack?

Airsack is super durable and super high quality - but like anything else you buy - you gotta treat it with love! Be sure to be fluffing your Airsack up on a regular basis to ensure it stays nice and airy. Watch Sanyana below give you some great tips!